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About Jerlynn'L

The Story
As a father, nothing brings me greater joy than seeing my children being nurtured well and growing up happily in a safe, healthy and conducive environment. I take great pride in creating a safe haven that is complete with every necessity needed for their wholesome development.
Yet, despite all my best efforts, there are times when I am, sadly, unable to protect my children from being exposed products which are inferior, at least to me. Often times, this situation arises when I need to be away from my loved ones due to my busy career, in pursuit of sustenance for my family.
I am delighted to share, though, that is was during one of these trips that I chanced upon something truly beautiful which changed everything for my children. It was a heartwarming story by a famous writer who lived in Japan which highlighted the Chidori bird, and its untiring dedication towards providing only the best for its young.

The male Chidori bird spends a big part of its life away from the family in search of a safe place to build the family nest, in the same way that I am always on the road for mine. The bird also takes great pains to avoid pollution, contamination, harmful substance, etc., leading it to search far and wide for the perfect home. Sharing this common trait with the Chidori bird, I too will forever strive to provide continuity for life, even though it is full of hardships and challenges.
It was then that I came to the realisation that the best way to protect and care for my children was by creating quality, customised child-safe products. By ensuring strict control of materials – from source to production – I am now able to share with the world my range of products that will help nurture and grow my children, and yours too, in the best way possible.